PTCShare – An evolution in PTC business!

I’m gonna teach you a great strategy to start making a good amount  of money from PTCShare. Even without investing a penny!

Step 1) First sign up here.

PtcShare - Signup


Step 2) Collect BAPs(Bonus Ad Points). First you need to understand what BAPs are. BAP is the currency or point system in PTCShare. Every BAP = 0.0005$. The ads you deliver consume BAPs. The more BAP you have the more money you make. To earn BAPs click on the “View Ads”.

There are 3 ways to earn BAPs:

  1. BAP ads (Free)
  2. Achievements and other bonuses (Free)
  3. Buying bulk ads


First watch the main ads. There are two type  of ads here. BAP ads and Paid ads. You will earn your income by clicking paid ads.

PTCshare strategy


PTCshare review

Second way to earn BAPs is to buy bulk ads. It’s actually an investing. You pay 1$ and receive following items:


  • 25x 728*90 banner impression
  • 100x 125*125 banner impression
  • 505 second visits to your website
  • 1.18$ worth of BAPs(2360 BAPs)

Advertise your referral link in any website you want to make more money.(I recommend this).

Investing your income PTCshare strategy

If you are not going to invest money(buy bulk ads) from your pocket, first earn 1$ by clicking paid ads and earning free BAPs. After reaching 1$ go and buy bulk ads. do it unlimitedly to earn bigger and bigger. You can also invest money which will make you more profit. Try to invest your earnings and not cashout so fast.

PTCshare BAPs reviewIt’s the BAP level chart. Being in better level will give you higher value paid ads.

For example you can get 30$ value paid ad!

PTCshare ads strategy


PTCshare Cash Offers

Earn from offerwalls and surveys

if you are looking for extra money make sure to checkout the cash offers. You can earn only by completing a survey or installing an app on your mobile. Note: Never play games, it has the risk to lose your money.

Affiliate program

By referring you will receive the following benefits:

  • 7% commission on their every ad purchase
  • 3% commission on the value of their ad clicks
  • Eligibility for additional daily referral ad issue
  • A ton of achievement points, increasing your part of the daily achievement ad issue


PTCshare strategy

Payment Methods

PTCshare pays its users with following methods: Bitcon,PerfectMoney,SolidTrustPay,Payeer,Litecoin

Minimum payout for BTC and STP is 10$ and for others only 1$.


Is just buying Bulk ads a good strategy in PTCshare?

It’s the best strategy and most reliable way to earn money on this website if you don’t miss any clicks. Visit website everyday and visit all ads and buy more and more bulk ads to gain more BAPS. Do not even approach gambling games in the website or you’ll lose some money. Don’t forget for every 1$ bulk ad you buy you get 1.18$(18% profit) in time. But don’t forget it takes some time to receive ads.


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