Masmic review – Get paid to answer questions

What is Masmic?

Masmic is a website where you ask questions and receive answers but the distinction in here is Masmic rewards users by answering questions…better say, asking users “tip” best answers using Stellar Lumens (XLM) therefor you can earn by answering questions or upvoting others answers.
Masmic website

How can I earn from Masmic?

1. Sharing Knowledge (answering questions)
2. Voting Answers
3. Referring Users

By sharing useful/interesting knowledge

  • 75% of bounty amount is allocated to answer contributors. Individual reward amounts rely on “number of rewards” fixed by bounty giver and user votes garnered.
  • For instance, there’s a bounty with $2 total amount and number of rewards are 5. It means that once bounty duration completes, only 5 top answers will get the rewards. However, this does not mean that all 5 rewards will be equal. It is a factor of community/user votes.

By voting answers

  • 15% of bounty amount is allocated to answer up-voters. However only those up-voters are going to be rewarded who have voted for who rewarded answer.
  • Only voters of the top 5 answers will get rewarded. The voting reward amount will also be a factor of the rank of voted answer.

Referral reward

  • You will earn 5% of your referred users earnings on any future bounties.
  • Everytime, for a lifetime! So, referrers are privileged only when good referred users are brought to Masmic.

Are you going to get good answers at Masmic?

Now they are open to everyone and Masmic gets a huge impulse in terms of the number of users, but something I noticed too is that the numbers of answers regarding a single topic or question has been extremely increased becoming poor answers and sometimes nonsense. Don’t worry, you will at least get 2-3 good answers if you are charging a good tip on it.

I hope you enjoyed the Masmic review. Please check other Earning websites.

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