exe.io Reviwe – Promising link shortener website

exe.io(former cut-urls) is a relatively new link shortener which pays publishers with 4$ cpm (on average).

exe.io review

Although this link shortner pays really good but it’s also legit and paying for over a year.

It pays through Paypal, Payeer, Skrill, Western Union(100$ minimum) and Bitcoin!

Their highest payment is for Kuwait and Germany.

exe.io is a Bitcoin faucet friendly and almost accepts any type of traffic. So if you have cheap traffic and are afraid to be rejected by the link shortners , go for exe.io safely.

They count 1 ip per day. So be careful not to send additional traffic to them.

They have good statistical tools so that you can keep tracking your views and earnings.

exe.io statistics

It might sound interesting to you that we’ve been using this link shortener for over 3 months and we are so happy with it.

exe.io is also very visitor friendly! Meaning it doesn’t bother visitors to pass their website.

Do not hesitate to try it out because you are not going to find a better one for faucet traffic.

exe.io review is written in 17 October 2019 and until then they were a legit link shortener.

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