Dualmine.com Review – scam or legit?

Dual Mine is a cloud crypto mining solution. it promises to make mining profitable to anyone who want to start mining. They also offer free 100 gh/s to new users. They provide a nice looking website to sell their mining powers to users.

Although, you should still be conscious dealing with them. The profit claims this firm makes is on the higher side and since they are a new company, it is better to step back and revision before giving your money to the company. They claim you can multiple your money with them but how true it is? To find out continue reading the review.

Dualmine.com review

CEO, Customer Support Of DualMine

Most of the successful companies are transparent which in turn increase the trust investors have. One of the positives of this company is the owner identity displaying on the site. This gave some point of legitimacy to the company and might help build trust among the investors.  Although there is not much detail about the personality apart from social profiles. So we don’t actually know if the identity provided is fake or not.


The support of this company can be contacted through email or telephone. They have telegram channels as well. These are the contact details.

Address ->  20 – 22 Wenlock Road , London N1 7GU, England. (official address used is a virtual office address!)

It’s funny because they give same exact address as this company legionfinancetrade.com

Email ->  office@dualmine.com

Phone ->  020 8242 6626

Do we know their mining farm locations?

Unfortunately, the investors don’t know about the mining process. All they see is just some numbers and calculations. We do not know the type of mining systems they run or the scrypts they use. Besides, they haven’t announced any information about the location of the mining places.

Without knowing the factors, it certainly isn’t worth dealing with their company. Don’t forget, it’s not easy to earn money with mining.

Profit claim on DualMine.com?

The amount of profit they claim you can make is irrational. Based on their calculations you can take your money back in less than 6 months which is not possible in the mining world(Despite the price increases). Look at the picture below and see what they offer.

Daulmine profit calculation

Good Testimonials And Reviews On DualMine

If you do a little search you can see some good reviews and Testimonials on them but I can tell by decisiveness most of them are fake or generated by DualMine owners. Don’t doubt that it doesn’t take much time to write 10 reviews which most of them doesn’t exceed one line or less.

DualMine testimonials
Don’t let scores fool you

Obvious signs that proves DualMine is another ponzi scheme scam

1. High Return and Roi

That’s an attribute of HYIP websites and they won’t last long.

2.Free 100 gh/s for every new user

It was not a temporary offer that is gone now. They still give 100 gh/s for free that users will never be able to withdraw because of high minimum payout they have set (0.003 BTC). With this technique they encourage normal users to invest their money hoping they can reach the minimum 0.003 BTC.

3. Giving 6x more than what you purchase

We are not talking about a little discount. It’s a tempting offer but do they really pay all of your earnings?

DialMine offer
It was 5x recently but they mad it 6 for now

DualMine Scam Conclusion

The absence of social presence for the CEO, unprofessional marketing , giving away hashpower easily and the fact that the official address used by the company is a virtual office address point to the suspicion that this may be a Ponzi scheme that depends on affiliate referrals for income. 100% ROI on mining is almost impossible unless you are really lucky and have plans. So, do not be flattered by these websites claiming irritable profits.

One thought on “Dualmine.com Review – scam or legit?

  1. Thank you for your review, I saw it too late because I allready invested 300 usd, their might be lost forever, I did it because I saw a youtube Video where they compare Eobot to Dualmine telling he invested to dualmine and got Roi after 6 months, abble to withdraw everything….Maybee they have some traders who makes grow our investment, it’s the last chance we have to get back money beacause by giving away 6 times hashing power they will desapear for sure in a short terme…
    I think we will see next few months huge promo for customer to invest maximum til’ suddenly they will shut down website…
    Hope really I have a little chance to get back my investment that’s all what I ask for the moment…
    thanks to study well this compagny as I was going to invest more…I’ll stop it right now!!!

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