Coinverti Review – Bitcoin ad network

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Coinverti, a Crypto Advertising network, found when crypto markets were struggling because of the price decrease. Since its establishment, the network has received strong support from publishers. This may be because of the friendly user interface and good support.

Coinverti for publishers

Coinverti Dashboard

Coinverti is a display ad network and it also supports popup ads. Currently, it doesn’t seem Coinverti has any other options than PPC(Paid Per Click). The most common question that comes to any publisher’s mind is probably the pay rate. Coinverti is currently paying 0.000008 BTC (0.07$ now) for each click. You can withdraw when you reach 0.0002 BTC. But there are some problems that I will mention below.


  1. They ask for captcha solving for every click!
  2. They don’t have interesting advertisements
  3. Withdrawal fee is 0.0002 BTC
  4. They don’t always show ads as they don’t have many advertisers
  5. Their pop-up system doesn’t work well in some mobile browsers


  1. Good PPC rates
  2. Nice GUI and Dashboard
  3. Good and active support
  4. Look seriously at their job
  5. Informative statistics

Coinverti for advertisers

Coinverti Advertisers Dashboard

Coinverti doesn’t have many advertisers and it might be a great opportunity for advertisers to bid lower for better. At the moment of writing this article BTC price drop down(8000$), so it is worth it to try some BTC ad networks. The lowest bid for a single popup is currently 0.0000001 BTC (0.001$).


  1. High bids
  2. Not many publishers
  3. Minimum budget of 0.001 BTC
  4. The only advertising format is PPC


  1. Captcha for every click
  2. Informative charts and statistics
  3. Not many advertisers
  4. Refund budget


Coinverti Review Conclusion

Coinverti is a pretty new advertising network and it needs more time to determine its classification. It has some annoying features for publishers which I already mentioned. It is technically well-made, which increases the possibility of having a great future although they are struggling from lack of advertisers with big budgets.


Not interested in Coinverti? Try Brave browser , block ads and earn at the same time.

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