Can you really make money doing online surveys?

With surveys, you can monetize your free time. It can’t make you rich but you can make a bunch of dollars using it.

What Is An Online Paid Survey?

Online paid surveys are a type of survey containing questions rewarding you for giving your honest opinion or review about a product or normal daily stuff. They are supported by companies and sellers looking for feedback or want to advertise their product or service. When you complete your profile you receive surveys targeting someone like you.

How Much Can You Make By Taking Surveys?

It is very hard to give an exact number as it depends on many factors like geographical place, the time you spend, the websites you use, etc. Most survey websites don’t promise to give a full-time income and those that do, may not even be paying. You can count on them as extra cash. In most cases, you can make from 10$ to 300$ per month without considering referral scheme program.

Avoid Scam Survey Websites


One of the things you should consider is spending time finding legitimate and trusted survey websites. Because if you work with a scam website, you will finally not get paid regardless of how much effort you have put in. There are a lot of them. So just stick with some popular and legit companies. Some of these websites also sell your information unauthorizedly. Next week you are going to see your mailbox full of spam!

How To Earn More At Paid Surveys?

Spending a lot of time is not a good idea. You should check surveys off-work. Also, make sure to check your email to see if you have any new invitations or surveys. Please note that this can’t be your second job. Value your time and don’t forget it has to be fun to do.

If you are from Africa and you are using an American online survey website you are probably not going to do much since they have offers and surveys classified for American users. Try to choose the correct company based on your country.

Other Ways You Can Earn With Survey Websites

If you registered on some of these websites, you’ve probably noticed that they give you some other similar options to earn from their websites. These are usually:

  • Getting referrals
  • Watching Videos
  • Installing apps
  • Signing up on different websites


Pros and Cons

  • Easy Cash Rewards
  • Earn Coupons
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Fun to do
  • Not enough to make a living
  • Too many scams

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